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4-year visit, 49 residents of Sleman receiving DHF

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SLEMAN, – Until the end of January 2019, the number of Dengue (DHF) hemorrhagic fever that affected as many as 49 residents from different divisions in Sleman. The highest case was found in the Depok Glossary with 12 people, and the Ngaglik area seven cases later.

The Sleman Health Office is asking its community to maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS). Efforts to stop DHF to come out by clicking on. eliminate Nest Mosquito (PSN). This step can prevent the mosquito larvae breeding effectively, rather than kill adult mosquitoes just by going to a; war.

As a means of an effort, the Health Health Office has sent a Newsletter (SE) to Puskesmas to be aware of DB and leptospirosis. Due to the fact that it has now gone into the gland climate and many types of diseases can occur.

"In addition to DB and Leptospirosis, their community must also be aware of the prevalence and the inaccurate weather. Although efforts are most effective through PSN," the Head of Drug and Smain (P2P) of Sleman District Health Office, Dr Novita Kresnaini, Friday (1/2)

Novita explained that surveillance needs to be increased because 2019 is included in the DB four-year cycle. Where DHF issues do not disable its & # 39; Ability increases in cases. If counted for four years or 2016, dengue cases were reached 880 and nine died. Well, in 2018 yesterday, there were 427 DHFs there
three died. Although there were 32 cases of leptospirosis, three of them died. (Awh)

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