6 Truth on the latest Developments of Hoaks Case of KPU "Settings Settings"

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Social media was delighted by the news that servants of the General Commission (KPU) were in Singapore.situations the impact of one of the president and vice-president couples.

A Facebook account called Rahmi Zainuddin Ilyas sent up the information. He uploaded a video to the title "Wow, the KPU server seems to have won 57% but broke the size of God even though it has been installed 3 series".

In upload, a caption is included, “Astafirullah, every one who knows only the size and power and the will of Allah”.

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Such information is also circulated, t "Breaking New! Pak Pak Wahyu, who were Jokowi employees in Solo, the KPU server in Singapore, won the win at 57% !!!, he broke one of the seven servers. Viralkan ".

The KPU also spoke and said the information was incorrect or wrong. The KPU via the commissioner also reported on a National Police caution on Thursday (4/4/2019).

The proceedings began to appear on Monday (04/08/2019). Here are some of the latest additions to the issue as Kompas.com put together:

1. The police take two very serious scandals

Two suspects were put to the attention by police.

The first suspected initials of arrest were on Saturday (04/06/2019) in Ciracas, East Jakarta. RD was then arrested in Lampung, on Sunday (04/07/2019).

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EW is spreading an error via his Twitter account, which is connected to the Babe.com website.

At the same time, RD spread it through his Facebook account. Currently, RD is still studying at Lampung Regional Police. T

2. The two suspects don't look at the truth

The police revealed that the two suspects did not confirm the information received.

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Both of them helped finally to spread the bats that said that the KPU server in Singapore which won one of the president's and presidential couples.

"In the meantime, that person did not raise a cry of concern, so that when they got the news, he was sent out immediately. Both were so," said Sub Group I of Crime Crimes. T Crime Police (Pol) Dani Kustoni at the National Police Public Relations Building, South Jakarta, Monday (8 / 4/2019).

3. A doctor is under suspicion

The suspect has background information that RD is a doctor.

(RD) housewife background the school was very high, the education doctor, but by that he thought the same one to be taken, the right thing, "said Head of Public Information Bureau at the Police Public Relations Department, General Brigade Dedi Prasetyo at the same time.

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4. The video happened in Serang

The Head of Public Information Bureau revealed at the National Police Public Relations Department, Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo, the video scene in Serang, Banten.

"The locus was in Serang, right," said Dedi.

5. The police look at 2 other people

The police are investigating the person who sent the video first.

On top of that, the authorities are also trying to bring people in the video.

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Dani appeared, the police had stopped the person's identity and were pursued by a number of points.

“This is a DPO, we're looking for that person, there are several places where we live.” We therefore got (the place) for the author or who delivered it, ”said Sub-Group I of Crime Crimes Police Crime (Pol) Dani Kustoni.

6. Auditors spread an error with false accounts and they disappeared

It is likely that the first translator of a mistake has made this false statement deceitful account. After that, the perpetrator left the crime.

"The pattern is doing." deceitful account He then threw the case, having disappeared, "said Sub Group I of Crime Crime Bareskrim Police Commissioner (Pol) Dani Kustoni.

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