A keyboard thesaurus of cellphones could be broken, it is easy

VIVA – Finger the prophecy (fingerprint detectionhave smartphones or smartphones not as safe as you'd expect.

Provide location Abusive, Monday, April 8, 2019, in recent years, there has been a rise in awareness of issues.

By introducing 3D fingerprint sensors, it provides easy access and security, such as giving hopefully smart phone users the protection of their important data.

But the fingerprint sensor has a security hole. Soon, videos show that someone is using Samsung Galaxy S10 to break down the precious cell phone by searching for miles of finger.

The tools they need to be quite simple, such as software, 3D printers, victims' phones, picture paints and 13 minutes.

As proof, the site is occupied by Imgur darkshark users hosting, which shows how easily it is made. To start, the darkshark caught a clear and clear fingerprint from a glass of wine.

By using it photoshop, it then deals with it. Afterwards, photos will be sent to 3D printers and rendering software, 3ds Max, which allows the keyboard information to be raised. As a result, the whole process of fingerprint printing takes only 13 minutes.

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