A number of healthy foods that will help you to improve your trips

Merdeka.com – Menstrual tours are one of the things women feel differently, some of them are constant but some are not. The menstrual period usually lasts 3-5 days, and the menstrual cycle can vary from 28-30 days.

The menstrual cycle can be measured from the first date of the month to the next time. Unhealthy lifestyles, smoking, drinking alcohol, too much exercise, and taking drugs are some of the things that affect this visit.

Eating someone can also decide on his menstrual run. Describing from the Boldsky, here are some foods that can help you improve the menstrual visit.

1. Broccoli

One type of green vegetables is very effective in making menstrual visit because of the iron content. To keep a regular menstrual circle, enter broccoli in your daily menu.

2. Salmon

These foods are foods of high quality calcium and vitamin D. As well as being able to strengthen bones, salmon can increase and sustain hornone so that it can get rid of problems t systematically.

3. Green vegetables

Vegetables that are healthy and have an important animal if you want to have a flat menstrual visit. Healthy vegetables are spinach, asparagus and broccoli, which can help with the menstrual cycle.

4. Fish and fish oil

A fish rich in omega-3 tailed acids and living butterflies are good for the body. Omega-3 fatty acids protect blood vessels in the ovens from damage caused by menstruation. Eating fish or fish oil can help with the menstrual visit.

5. Almoin

The almonds are a healthy animal and animal. As well as helping to make a menstrual walk, there are almonds full of fiber and proteins that can use hormone in the body.

6. Sesame seed

Seeds sawame can help make menstrual circulation. But do not eat the sesame seeds much because it contributes to body heat.

7. Iogurt

A yoghurt is a milk product full of gypsum and protein. You can eat yoghurt every day so that you can go on a tour.

8. Soya milk

Soy milk is a good source of nutrition. This same drink can also help with circulating for menstrual bikes.

9. Eggs

Boiled eggs are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. Proteins in eggs can help to overcome unexplained menstrual problems.

Nine of these foods as well as the ability to enable the menstrual cycle can also meet the nutritional needs of the body. Regularly using these foods to produce amazing benefits. [RWP]

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