A Warning, the Children's Sports Games have problems at the Sports Shop

Jakarta, Selular.ID – After Youtube, Google also has difficulty with content aimed at children in its app store. Wired found dozens of Android apps on Store Play which Google thought was safe for children, but its content was terrible.

Mad Max Zombies was registered to PEGI 3 but allowed children to burn in a high blooded undead, Baby Panda Dental Care gave children access to teeth which were rather difficult.

Applications are also played in a game that requires site searches and device licenses to be questioned.

Of the 52 titles sent by Wired to Google, 16 were automatically deleted or withdrawn by more appropriate status and licenses.

Mad Max Zombies has become a PEGI of 12 levels like the War War Zombies, for example. But it is not clear how many other titles have not changed, and there are over 100,000 downloads in some of the offender applications.

Before publishing, Google's content must be deleted to grade content. Although the same questionnaire is used by the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store in the Xbox, the Google Play Shop does not clean the game as other companies do.

Apparently, you don't need a developer from the developer in the Play Store to find out if it was possible to play for children. If there is no more robust approach to future proofing, it is likely that you will need to look at your own application before you allow children to play it.

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