Ahmad Dhani reserves extended

Jakarta – –
The DKI Jakarta High Court extended the time taken by Ahmad Dhani regarding the hatred of a language of speech hatred through Twitter accounts. Ahmad Dhani was sentenced to 1.5 years imprisonment.

This information was found by Public Prosecutor (JPU) of Jakarta Kejari Southwestern South – a case of speech dealt with hate – when asked to confirm.

"Yes, it was maintained by the DKI Jakarta High Court," said Sarwoto Wednesday (2/27/2019).

At the moment Ahmad Dhani's application is on the DKI High Court in Jakarta for the first 30 days. Ahmad Dhani's reserves were extended for 60 days beginning on 2 March to 30 April, 2019.

Ahmad Dhani was convinced that he had repeatedly reported three-haired song abuse on the Twitter account Ahmad Dhani, @ AHMADDHANIPRAST. This account is uploaded by the Twitter administration of Ahmad Dhani, Bimo.

"The Acts disseminate information by Bimo's evidence on the guardian's order," said the judge.

His first reporter is & # 39; read & listen to the person who despite Ahok's religion … tested by KH Ma Ruf Amin. & # 39; The second cricket says & # 39; Anyone who is a Supporting hate enemies that need to be spit – ADP. & # 39; The third behavior reads & # 39; The first sentence of God, God, is the Religion of the Governor … what are you doing? get WARAS ??? – ADP. & # 39; Ahmad Dhani had previously been convicted 2 years imprisoned by the procurator.

In the opinion of the panel's panel, Ahmad Dhani was convinced that he had committed an offense that was regulated by his criminal penalty in Article 45A of Paragraph 2 of Law No. 19 Year 2016 regarding Information and Electronic Affairs juncto Section 28 paragraph 2 of Law ITE juncto Section 55 paragraph (1) 1st Criminal Code (KUHP).

Now Ahmad Dhani is being tested at the Surabaya District Court, East Java. Ahmad Dhani was defended as a distinction because of that vlog Copy & copy

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