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As well as a Sambal, a burden must be continued with burden patients: okezone way of life

There are few people of pregnancy age to eat. One factor is too busy with work and activities that have been built up. Left continuously, these practices are likely to cause a serious and long-term outbreak of illness.

Usually, a series of dusk is used, with a pair of dusts, a flaming feeling in the stomach pit, bloating, and other complaints in the abbey field. As well as being late for eating, there may also be pressure on heartburn. It has been unveiled by an expert in gastroenterology in medicine in counseling, Dr Hendra Nurjadin, Sp.PD-KGEH.

"Our limb area encourages all hormone in the body, including weight hormones. Cheese hormones are associated with the formation of stomach acid." limbic is stimulated, then activates the caustic, and stimulates stomach acid and stomach movement, "explained Dr Hendra when he met Okezone More recently, in a Jakarta event.

The doctor who worked in Pondok Indah-Puri Indah Hospital said the biology of the heart could be attention. So heart water does not survive for the rest of its life. That's exactly what it is, the disease can rise back as a result of many reasons. Starting from irregular food patterns, using larger types of food, overweight, unhealthy lifestyles, other serious illnesses such as diabetes, black failure, heart failure, boulders and pancreatic disease. T .

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One of the important things that had to be considered by those affected by stomach ulcers was that when the disease appeared again, the diet has to be truly assessed.

“I like to say that patients can eat all kinds of food, but if they become ill, don't make it. Stopping first because food will feed the stomach. Generally speaking, foods that are sprouted, prey, bitter, excessive, caffeine, chocolate, tea on its heart, affect digging, so you should pay attention to it, "explained Dr Hendra. .

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In addition, if a heartburn has been cured, treatment must be taken into account. For those who like spicy food, they can still grow sauce or chocolate sauce but just too aliases. Then, for those who want to drink coffee try not to drink a drink or a sachet coffee. Choose regular milk or black coffee and drink it on an empty stomach.

“To stop heart water, there are ways you can do it. Firstly, the diet responds to the individual but usually avoids too much spicy, miserable, fat and oily food, as well as coffee, chocolate, and hot tea. Regular food patterns, the small principle is often but not too hungry and not too full. Avoid drugs against pain, but if you need to talk to a doctor, avoid vague plants, avoid smoking, alcohol, and stress, "ends Dr. Hendra."


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