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TIMESBANYUWANGI, JAKARTA – Eating well as a result of pregnancy can have a harmful effect on pregnancy, both for pregnant women and for teeth inside the womb. To avoid adverse effects from cigarette smoke, there must be a mechanism to prevent cigarette smoke from pregnant women. How come?

Referring to from, this is 6 ways you can do to prevent cigarette smoke.

1. Stop the smoke smoke

The first thing you will do to avoid cigarette smoke from pregnant women is to stop the cigarette smoke before they evict the pregnant one. Usually people smoke in the house as a result of cigarette smoke. To stop the smoke smoke, the person has to know not to smoke in the house for a short time or in front of a pregnant woman because of the risk of smoke to pregnant and fetal women.

2. Maintaining the health conditions of a pregnant woman

The stage is to maintain the health condition of a pregnant body's body and to ensure that its immune system is in good condition. Healthy and well maintained, the internal cigarette smoke must not have an adverse effect on the womb.

3. Getting more water

To be able to eradicate cigarette smoke toxins into the body of a pregnant woman, the simplest approach is also to increase water in water. Using plenty of water can kill nicotine in the group of pregnant women and maintain maintenance. Weaker water can also keep moisture up from the lungs so it can work normally.

4. Eating spinach

Spinach contains vitamin A and flavonoids which can stop the body developing cancer. Iron in a spin can help maintain health of lungs, which will most certainly affect the presence of cigarettes in a group of heavy women.

5. Eat scar

Garlic has long had to last for a healthy lungs situation. Amino acid in contact may help prevent respiratory diseases, corrosive antioxidant substances may also prevent lung cancer. As well as garlic, ginger can also be used to help avoid cigarette smoke from pregnant women.

6. Breathing habits

The next way is to get rid of cigarette smoking for pregnant women. Breath exercises help maintain the condition of the lungs in a healthy state, increasing the capacity of the lungs that increase the body oxygen across the body. A breathing exercise is needed to ensure the boy has milk milk levels.

That's how you allow cigarette cigarettes to be pregnant for pregnant women. The process of neutralization must be made from time to time to ensure that cigarette smoke does not damage the body. Pregnant women need to take away from the dangers of cigarette smoke in their environment as a result of some dangerous hazards for pregnancy that need to be properly considered. (*)

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