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Attendees of Islamic Residential Schools in Malang Explain Meteors' problem falling through Ramadan

Caregiver from Fallahil Islamic Miftahul Residential School Mubtadin M Romli explained the conflicts due in the coming Ramadan. According to their obedience, the riot did not mean war or chaos in the community, but rather than falling at the meteor level in the head.

"Those riots are the stars that fell in the month of Ramadan. So the congregation had to prepare themselves beforehand, because it became the ten end marks of the world," said M Romli. T at Ponpes, Dusun Pulosari, Town of Sukosari, Sub-Area Kasembon, Malang Regency, Thursday 3/14/2019.

Grain and rice must be prepared by the congregation when a bad sign sign is genuinely occurring. Romli delivered the lodges when the congregation joins a seasonal worship program that starts Rajab until Ramadan comes.

According to Romli, each congregation needs 500 kg of grain or 300 kg to prepare for a year after the fall of the meteor. If there is no meteors, seeds and rice will be returned to the town.

"The grain and rice are picked up, I never asked, they took it away." If the meteor doesn't fall, it will be taken home. T

Romli also refused to buy carvings of swords and photographs of him. Especially with high average prices. The board administrator sold a picture of himself as a teacher of Toriqoh Akmaliyah Mar-sholihiyah, then hundreds of worshipers. Includes a dozen Ponorogo residents.

"The picture is sold for Rp. 200,000 not Rp 1 million. I don't want to buy a sword. And the child is also cutting and eating his younger brother's hand, that's not true" said the priest.

Twelve of the Krajan Hamlet, Watubonang Village, Subdistrict Bade, Ponorogo, had previously been reported to have moved to Malang to live in the Fallahil Mubtadin Miftahul Islamic Board School. Their movement relates to the teaching of the apocalypse and the riots that occurred in the month of Ramadan again. In disputes, residents were asked to buy a sword of Rp 1.


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