Beusive and powerful, these assignations Asus Vivobook S S430UN, JAKARTA – Asus will include the VivoBook S S430UN laptop that is a & # 39; come in a laptop, elegant, stylish, stylish form. This laptop is designed specifically for users who want a contemporary laptop and can do lots of things.

"VivoBook S S430UN is a laptop for those who are dynamic and young and creative. As well as appearing with the stylish NanoEdge display, this laptop is also led by the Intel Core process that is powerful, "said Jimmy Lin, ASUS Country Manager Indonesia. Right, Thursday (11/22/2018).

Like the current laptop that is not now in & # 39; comes with a thick bezel, Asus VivoBook S S430UN looks great thanks to the NanoEdge Show. It is not surprising that the VivoBook S S430UN screen has very little lenses on the three sides of the screen, the roof and the sides. In total, the eyes will be more comfortable when watching the screen.

A true bezel configuration, this laptop screen has very good relationships that are very good; reaches 84% ​​of the body. Not forgetting too, the visual area is spacious, which is up to 178 ° a & # 39; make this laptop comfortable to enjoy multimedia content.

In addition to the NanoEdge Exhibition, users can also access the ErgoLift design on this VivoBook S S430UN. This innovative design is sure to make sure that this laptop is & # 39; look more beautiful, but also make it comfortable when used.

ErgoLift Design is one of the asus mechanisms that allow a lower group of VivoBook S S430UN to be built and built; Creating a 3.5 ° angle when the screen is opened. This design makes deceptive actions more comfortable. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with a backlight LED that allows it to be used in dark situations.

In addition, the ErgoLift design makes the cooling system a & # 39; The best place of the upper place under the body is better. In total, ErgoLift's design will add to its knowledge and will guarantee a more sustainable achievement.

To be complex, a laptop is planned by a powerful process. Well, the VivoBook S S430UN is run by the Intel Core 8-generation process with 8GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM. The exhibition? Say awesome!

"VivoBook S S430UN is designed as a laptop that meets the needs of dynamic users. For this reason, from graphics side, ASUS has put in place the Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphic funerals," said Jimmy.

The SSD 256GB presence on this laptop also helps ensure that the application is & # 39; Faster and long-term running should be provided. You do not have to worry about protecting laptop computers when they are used to work on various hard work such as video editing, photo editing, or playing games.

For the highest profile, the Asus VivoBook S S430UN Intel Core i7-8550U process with 4 key key 8 arrangements with a speed up to 4.0GHz process. For high speed, this sophisticated laptop is also fitted with Lithium-Ion batteries with fast-duty technology that can 60% power off battery in just 49 minutes.

For a business internet connection, Asus VivoBook S S430UN is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11ac supported by WiFi Master Technology. Although there are other radio connections, this laptop already comes with Bluetooth 4.2 which allows users to connect a variety of peripherals between mice, mobile phones and other devices.

It is an incomplete feeling if the laptop is not currently in common colors that are difficult. Asus VivoBook S S430UN comes in five options related to colors, & # 39; It is Firmament Green, Starry Gray-Red, Silver Blue-Yellow, Gun Metal, and Icicle Gold. A laptop is specially designed so that users can look differently through their distinctive color effects and their; represents their identity.

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