Bowo is studying Open Voice, BPN Hopes on Dewa Yama & # 39;

Bowo Sidik Pangarso started opening up to around 400,000 envelopes in a dozen cardboard boxes containing the KPK as 'ammunition & 39'; at the first day of election 2019. Bowo Sidik referred to the name of his colleague, Nusron Wahid, as who gave an order.

"Nusron Wahid was asked to edit it," Bowo Sidik told reporters after being questioned by the KPK Tuesday (9/4).

For the lawyer, Bowo Sidik, called the conversation about the provision of the envelope containing the money in the DPR collection. Bowo Sidik named the minister as a silver well in an envelope.

"He shouted (Bowo Sidik) abusive," In fact I was ordered; ", said Bowo Sidik, Saut Edward Rajagukguk, after his client was involved building KPK Wednesday (04/10/2019).

"The money raised by the Rp. 8 billion in the envelope is from one of the ministers now in this cabinet," Saut Edward said to reporters at the KPK building, Jl Kuningan. T Persada, South Jakarta, Wednesday (04/10/2019). .

When that minister's name was asked, lawyer Bowo Sidik failed to confirm that, KPK researchers would carry out research into client accounts. Although the minister's name is not now known as Bowo Sidik to KPK researchers.

"The minister entered TKN or not, I don't know. The party is not yet known. We've made it possible for researchers to search" Saut Edward, "he explained.

With regard to the time and location of the Nusron Wahid meeting with Bowo Sidik, the lawyer did not explain. The information about Nuns is known as inspectors, although it is not said in the minutes of the audit (BAP).

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