BPJS Health and Washington IHME University Research Collaboration

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Health Insurance Agency (BPJS) in collaboration with the Washington Institute of Health and Evaluation institute for research collaboration in the health sector.

The two groups examined future projections of disease trends through health service use data data. BPJS Kesehatan is the provider of health insurance with the highest number of partners in the world assessed as data that can be assessed.

The results of the survey can then be used to inform JKN-KIS's allocation of funds to help prevent predicted diseases from growing.

Christopher Murray, Director of Washington University, explained that there had been a move towards a movement in a disease in Indonesia over the last 27 years.

Based on Murray's 1990 research results, shortage of labor was regarded as the first common cause of disease, followed by low respiratory disease, abuse and stroke.

But in 2017, strokes went to the top, followed by heart disease, diabetes, work problems, and smoking. Lifestyle changes are considered to be one of the many things that affect the movement of the disease.

"In the position we have prepared based on the results of previous studies, in 2040 it is expected that patients will have heart disease at level 1. Followed by a stroke, diabetes, and diabetes. "chronic diseases of the kidney failure and tuberculosis" are four of the five diseases of non-obstructive diseases that can prevent it through persecution and chronic bite, "said Murray when he visited the BPJS Friday's headquarters. 5/4/2019) based on official information.

Publishing, research collaboration in the health sector is expected to help BPJS Kesehatan by affecting future disease movements, so that exciting and deterrent efforts can be prepared early.

In addition, Murray states that the results of the research can be used to map patterns of disease spread in Indonesia's regions, so that stammer-blocked efforts can be adapted to the conditions and characteristics of each region.

Fahmi Idris's BPJS Health Director explained that his party was ready to work with the University of IHME in Washington, with researchers and other academics within and outwith the country.

“We are pleased to open the opportunity to work together in joint research activity in the health sector. It is hoped that the findings of the research can be used as assessment materials to improve the implementation of JKN-KIS, "said Fachmi.

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