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Creation of an Independent Resistance, Prevent Asteroids Hit Earth

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – European Space Agency (ESA) the introduction space space independent, Hera. This automated spacecraft will be used to protect the Earth from threats asteroid.

Currently the aircraft is still at a development stage and the first plan is to achieve it in 2023.

This first mission is to fly and close into asymoid; Didymos and his satellite called Didymoon. The speed speed is 780 meters and the diameter is 160 meters.

“If self-governing cars are the future of the world, Hera is the focus on new vehicles with an independent field,” explained Paolo Martino, Head of System Systems for his mission, Hera.

Space ships are usually managed from Earth to work out their journey. But Hera will have a virtual floating system that was sent on the fluse. So the plane can fly immediately on its own flight without waiting to be ordered from Earth until it is a few minutes late.

But, in the first test, Hera won't be completely isolated. Trials will also be carried out when all the important targets have been completed.

This plane collects information from near objects awareness. This information will be collected to make models from the local environment. The plane then created a safety situation around the object and could fly up to 200 meters along the surface of the asteroid.

"The data collection for Hera will be made in a digital camera called The Asteroid Framing Camera. This data will be linked to a laser altar, a submersible thermal camera, a star detector, an inertial sensor, and a accelerator", "explained Gil Gil Fernandez. , an ESA engineer who is familiar with management and discipline, as mentioned Digital Trend, Sunday (7/4).

The spaceship was made to find that there were stars such as Didymos in the DART mission, as reported Location. The plane will also provide information on the construction, structure, and movement of the asteroid as it develops into wave effects.

"I want to find out what happens if we fly the plane into the asteroid very quickly."

Scientists hope that this attack will raise an asteroid that gives its waterway to Earth.

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