Damri will cooperate with Telkom to make e-tickets to Soetta Airport

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Perum Damri in conjunction with PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk posted "ticket-tickets" online service on the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Route.

President of Perrum Damri Setia N. Milatia Moemin and Director of Telkom Enterprise and Dian Rachmawan Business Service at Damri Pool in Kemayoran, Jakarta, Thursday was launched.

This box has also continued to have a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) registration Damri Ticket Service at Airport Transportation made by Telkom and Perum Damri in July.

"This electronic ticket system aims to make it easier for consumers to Damri bus tickets. We hope the public can support this electronic ticket system," said Setia N. Milatia Moemin.

Setia explained that the electronic ticket system was implemented in stages and started with Soekarno-Hatta Airport transport services for departure points from Kemayoran, Bekasi, Rawamangun and Mangga Dua. At the end, a path will be sent to & # 39; airport "ticket-system" system.

At the same time, Dian Rachmawan said, as BUMN in the digital telecommunications department, the Telkom Group provides IT infrastructure in the development of the ticket system.

TelkomGroup will develop manual applications, online arrangements, backup systems, bus dealers, online payments and pre-paid card companies to support the number of applications, Damri ticket works.

"To get a pre-paid ticket, users can pay a variety of electronic money on their bank, cash money, cash money or using a pay gate payer (IPG) such as TCASH," said Dian.

The use of e-ticket technology includes a ticket system (exit chart instructions, rates, passengers, ticket registration, postcards, registration and revenue reporting), verification systems, payroll systems (integrated by ticket purchase systems).

The use of technology such as this can be used as a supportive to the previously announced government program, that is the non-cash movement (GNNT) to promote the use of non-cash activities with its public.

Setia added to the collaboration between BUMN between Perum Damri and Telkom. Demonstrates the commitment and consistency of its company in & # 39; Delivering services that exceed customers' expectations through a non-cash payment system; Availability of convenience while they are & # 39; Maintaining areas of consumer protection, security and trust
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Editor: Sri Muryono

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