Dengue Fever, 4 Renewals Due to DHF-Am Information

Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Sea Light Rain Heavy Extreme – In the last two months, the number of deaths from Ongoing Dengue (DHF) Damages in the Riau division has increased. In January, two victims of dengue died.

And in February, two others died. This means, in two months, that four Rojan citizens died of the population's lives.

Head of Departmental Health Office Riau, Mimi Yulianti Nazir, Thursday (28/2/2029) said that, if compared to 2018, the number of dengue cases in January and February has increased.

If there were 159 issues in 2018 in January and February, this year there were 408 cases.

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"Indeed, the number of cases has risen significantly compared to the year in the same month. Of the total numbers of dengue, four of them died," he said.

Mimi explained, four of the dead were from Kampar Regency, Indragiri Hulu, Indragiri Hilir and the Dumai town. Out of the 12 kingdoms / towns in Riau, 10 were raised in dengue cases and only two departments were reducing the same time issues.

In addition, he also noted that there were several areas that were increasing in dengue cases. Among them was the Pekanbaru town that had 42 previous cases 62.

17 cases Kampar Regency 16 cases. Rokan Hulu preceded 13 to 17 cases. Pelalawan was previously the 13 cases. He did not have an Indragiri Hulu 75 case.

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"Previously, there were 9 to 13 cases at Indragiri Hilir Regency. There were 69 Bengkalis 3. There were 22 to 41 City Dumai cases. Previously, there were 12 to 44 at Siak Regency. Rokan Hilir previously had 3 to 10 cases , "he said.

For the two areas that had declined in cases, and that is Kuantan Singingi, which was 25 to 18 cases.

Then Kepulauan Meranti, who was 7, fell to 5 cases.

In terms of the increasing number of drugs, the RHS has already been given to the field and invited the public to be used to clean and healthy life.

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"If there are cases of dengue in a new area, fogging is done, but if there is no case, it is not effective, because fogging is just killing adult mosquitoes," he said. ( Misgiono)

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