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Destroyed exactly, this is distributed by New Suzuki Carry – VIVA Prices.

VIVA – Suzuki Carry is one of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales' big cars. Last year, Carry entered the 10 best-selling cars in Indonesia, with 39,043 units. Better than Ertiga, which sold only 32,592 units.

Soon, Suzuki car makers in the country will drop all New Carry. Apparently, the new model is similar to Mega Carry. However, the design of the bag is wider, as is the hut. The engine has been updated and contains advanced features.

Before its official launch, new Carry tours were circulated in the virtual world. Introducing leaflets, which have all the benefits.

According to research VIVA, a number of Suzuki sales in Jakarta have opened the record. For the price, more expensive than the previous model is called.

New Suzuki Carry Leaks

"For the new place, OTR." (on the road) we have not yet come to a decision. Assessments, the difference between IDR 3 million and IDR 5 million with the old Futura model, which sold IDR 135 million. If you want to push now, you can, "said one of the lazy Suzuki buyers who signed his name, when he was speaking to VIVA, Thursday 4 April 2019.

The new car will be launched this month. Unfortunately the unit was not distributed to retailers, providing shipping to customers, doing it 11 days after the official publication.

“There is already a warehouse, the publication will be on 10 April, 2019. Give the opportunity now, after the process Letting go of rent Walking, paying down all, four days later the car was put. "The estimate is around 11 working days," he said.

at the same time VIVA he managed to release prices en route for new behavior. The car is entering four types, two fitted appliances with cottage fountains and power management. Here is the list of prices:

New Carry FD Rp135 million

New Carry FD PS PS Rp144.1 million

New Carry WD Rp136.6 million

New Carry WD PS AM Rp145.1 million


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