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Difficult to find out, beware of similar physical indicators

Often breast cancer is rare but there are physical signs for watching.

Cancer can happen to anyone, does not recognize gender and age. Including breast cancer. One of the Indian comics, Gebi Ramadhan, also finds out about this cancer. Breast cancer can start from lumps in the atmosphere and then damage the liver and spread to other members of the body.

Yosef Fransiscus, Senior Sequis Health Manager, said the initial diagnoses of cancer were not being found. Even though 1 out of 3 patients did not show cancer at the beginning. However, in general, there are some physical symptoms which need to be looked out for, such as loss of weight, smell and smell, pain in the stomach, eating disorders, weakness and urgency.

“Other features such as increasing the size of the atmosphere so that something different is different in the lower abdomen in the right cage. Rising is also about in the spleen and feeling that cattle and pain are further to the left of the donkey cage. The pain then spread into the abdominal area and the right shoulder blades. The liquid in stomach grows, and its shame is ashamed, some members of the body feel tight and the treasures turn yellow, "he explained.

If the indicators above are feeling or seen, they will continue, in consultation, with a doctor generally. At the first stage of investigation, if the GP finds a number of cancers that cause cancer, the doctor will send the patient immediately to a specialist who may have someone with breast cancer.

Meanwhile, Chyntia Olivia Maurine Jasirwan, an expert in medicine within the OMNI Hospitals Pulomas Jakarta, explained, has two types of cancer, that is, primary and secondary cancer.

“The most common species of primary grain cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma. Generally, this cancer is due to cancer problems such as cirrhosis (the condition of tiredness drew out of the sky due to long-term damage) and hepatitis (inflammation of the infection). "he explained."

There are several other types of hate cancer, such as hepatoblastoma. This cancer is not the only attack on children. Cancer is another type of blood that grows in blood cells in the body called angiosarcoma and cancer which grows in bile duct or cholangiocarcinoma.

“While habitat cancer cancer involves growing in other limbs and then spreading into the liver, for example spreading atmospheric cancer, lung cancer, lung cancer and cancer t said he.

Levels of Cancer Standards

Just like other cancers, breast cancer is divided into several stages or stages. The term used often is BCLC, such as BCLC A, B, C, or D. "This level is useful for doctors 'and patients' decisions about the plans and levels of treatment." Patient diagnoses breast cancer, you should ask the doctor to explain the level of cancer, "said Chyntia.

The first stage is called Level A. In this case, one medium-sized calf <5 cm, or 2-3 tumors with a size of <3 cm. At this stage, the level of maintenance remains very common or very low if disturbed. If a huge number of shops have risen in the atmosphere, the patient has gone in at Level B. However, overall patient conditions are still good and the atmosphere was no problem.

“Then, if the cancer has spread to blood ports, lymph heads, or other organs, the patient has gone in at Level C. At this stage, the liver still works t but the patient's condition is deteriorating. If the corporate position becomes worse as well as all-air conditions, the patient is admitted to Level D, "he explained.

Patients who have had cancer at an early stage can last 5 years. However, if cancers of cancer circulate partially to the circles of surrounding organs or lymph places, the 5-year survival rate is only 11 per cent. If the cell has spread far from there, the ability to 5 years to decline is falling to just 3 per cent.

“Treatment of cancer cancer depends on the number, size, and position of the udder in air, how well the patient's still work, absenteeism, and distribution of shops. As long as the bone or bone has not spread, it is best to treat it, working, "said Chintya.

Chintya said that it can be calculated that less than 5 cm can work outwards and that the liver can usually work. However, if your operation is unsuitable, a move procedure (using warm-treated terms, or freezing temperatures) is made to cause cancer damage or chemotherapy (injecting). in the veins so that ethanol's blood can directly pump into the grass and destroy it.

If cancer has widened or if there is bad air damage, the patient will be advised to repeat. This approach is done by a healthy heart from the person who takes in the healthy diet of the patient. pure / R-1

That is encouraging

Yosef said that not only were people who had old cancer but who also had breast cancer but were also young people. This is in line with the ever-increasing healthy lifestyle. For example, often living up late, lack of rest, and responsible causes.

"Disagreement in the biological clock of the organization may affect the irritation of genetics that may cause cells in the body to be cancerous. T the immune system will become weak to respond to thick cells and to limit DNA repair as a result, the process of taking forward cancer will take place t faster, "he explained.

Otherwise, excessive alcohol consumption can grow cancer cells because they need to work hard to destroy toxins.

He warned that there are more types of Type 2 diabetics due to the ability to cancer in cancer. He said that if the body has too much sugar and fatness can be overweight and obese to affect the performance of solar cells and to cancel cancer cells. pure / R-1

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