Done for publication, How much Price for Hyundai Kona in Indonesia?

JAKARTA, – Confirmed that it will launch Kona at an Indonesian international showcase (IIMS) event in 2019, but Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI) is continuing to close prices.

However, the Kona sale price release was listed in the DKI Jakarta One Roof (Samsat) Single Management System. On display if the Hyundai Kona Motor Car Sales (NJKB) is reaching IDR 218 million. Interestingly, Hyundai Kona, which is a difference of 2,000 cc by direct broadcast.

When confirming this, the HMI Marketing Director, Hendrik Wiradjaja, is open to provide further comments, dependent on the IIMS, again each of which will be explained in more detail.

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"Please wait again for the IIMS, not long. We'll provide information about the module and price there," said Hendrik when it was confirmed., Monday (04/08/2019).

Hendrik explained that if the car price listed in Samsat does not include taxation fees, then it cannot be used as a criterion. However, he ensured that if Kona's situation were to be lower than Tucson, her current price was starting at Rp 391 million.

Hyundai Kona glides at 2019 IIMS Hyundai Kona glides at 2019 IIMS

Therefore, the Rp 250 million range and above may be the official price of Kona. Unfortunately, Hendrik also provided information regarding the 2.0S Kona change on the Samsat list. He did not say but if Hyundai Indonesia only made a Kona model in Indonesia.

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The reason, if the model launched Kona 2,000 cc, is not automatically pushed to the 1,500 cc LSUV, but also meet the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport or the Honda HR- V 1.8L. Price, in fact it can be more expensive, because if you look in the mirror from HR-V 1.8L, the price price is around Rp 300 million.

"So Kona's situation below will be below Tucson, most LSUV have been suggested, but we say that this model is an SUV contract and the prices advertised." T again, for several modules outside a range of options, some 1,600 cc, some 2,000 cc, some even diesel, but we only have one model for Indonesia, "Hendrik said.

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