Earth Magnetic Range at North Pole Shots to Russian District

TEMPO.CO, The Jakarta – The Earth's magnetic field in the North Pole has been reported as a change in the Russian department at risk of threatening a fire phone map and a navigation system.

The Pole has been a co-operation salaries for thousands of years, which provides clear identities associated with almost every part of the ground. But now the Articic magnetic axis moves slowly from time to time, transit across Northern Pole Canada to Russia from 1831, as reported by CNN, February 9, 2019.

But the fastest pace to Siberia has been in the last few years at a distance of 54.7 per annum on the advancement of scientists to use the World Magnetic Model used by the civilian navigation system, Covenant Agreement North America, and the US and the British army this year before.

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"Due to unplanned changes in the Arctic department, scientists have released new models to make larger changes in magnetic areas between 2015 and now," the US National Center for Information Marine and Amended Environmental Information.

Typically, the model, commissioned by British and US military representatives, will be updated every five years, recently in 2015. But the group says that "will be restored outside visit to ensure safe sailing for military, commercial air, research and rescue jobs, and others who run around their North Pole. "

Although a key user is a military model, he has accessed the Google and Apple civil system system. The difference is for civil purposes, and the changes are limited to a higher degree of 55 degrees.

"For most users under 55 degrees north, there is no real difference," said Ciaran Beggan, geologist of the British Geological Survey, mapped by NOAA, to CNN.

The North Light, known as Aurora Borealis, is shown in the rocky bed on the beach at Hopeman, Moray. This light happens when a & # 39; sun in a season that causes storms and destroys the magnetic range of the soil.

Sputnik reports that the impact of North Pole asterovers causes smartphones, vehicles, ships and airlines connected to satellite navigation systems such as GPS and GLONASS.

Over time, and especially in situations where the ground is turning to & # 39; policing and where the magnetic poles are auctioned, the Artifacts can affect the lives of animals, birds and their animals; sea ​​that uses magnetic fields to sail.

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This movement can bring spectacular views of birds that come from the sky, and large numbers of dead fish. And although most scientists believe that this change does not go out of bad damage, this may be a frightening vision, like pictures of thousands of wild birds and fish in Arkansas in 2011, which some scientists say they are related to animal awareness of changes in earth magnetic earth.

The "attracting" between magnetic field fields in northern Canada and Siberia has a bad impact, which some scientists say they are causing acceleration of pole moving north, and its ability to to & # 39; weakening a magnetic shield that protects the ground from a deadly cosmic radiation from the sun.

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This can lead to levels of cancer enhancement in humans, or to pose a risk to human infrastructure projects, such as electricity networks. However, scientists say that even in the situation can change the magnetic range of land at the north and south poles, it is not expected to occur in a long time, and the move will take up to a thousand years.

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