Enjoy Pro and Cons, this is the reason why Ridwan Kamil Dilan Corner opened

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com – An account of Ridwan Kamil Governor of the West Java against the film Dilan 1991 by making Dilan Corner (Pojok Dilan) a & # 39; hit again.

Some of the parties thought that there was no hardness to build Goldsmiths.

The idea of ​​the development of Dilan Corner began when the Dilan Cast 1991 met with Ridwan Kamil at his official career, Pakuan Building, Jalan Cicendo, Sunday (10/2/2019). A meeting was held in a relationship context ahead of the Premier Gala movie Dilan 1991.

At the meeting, the producer Max Picture Ody Mulya Hidayat, director Dilan 1991 Fajar Bustomi and Pidi Baiq with the selection of the film Dilan 1991South Westerly

"This year God is willing, we will take the story. Dilan is a park in Bandung. GOR Saparua's site is near a 200 meter basketball court from Panas Dalam's office," said Emil, as he is familiar with to meet.

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He said, Taman Dilan will be filled with photographs and photographs of the Dilan battle. In addition, the usual sentences from Pidi Baiq will add the garden.

"So the wall, life size design, Ayah (close vocation to Pidi Baiq) is also circulated. Because people are now selfie you do not have to be a photograph, it's just writing all over link just to be emotional, a photograph will be taken off, "said Emil.

Emil explained that Taman Dilan was not just something wonderful. However, the park is dedicated to a movie They say which has become more familiar with Bandung and increasing its tourism potential.

"So the vision comes from tourism. As visitors come, some see the culture, architecture, etc. So Taman Dilan is dedicated to stories that make Bandung amazing as an attractive tourist destination. So this is more on tourism that uses contemporary culture, "said Emil.

Change the name to Corner Dilan

After the idea of ​​hitting the benefits and accounts, the name Taman Dilan changed to Pojok Dilan according to its position in the corner of Saparua Park.

The march for its first stone (spread) held on 24 February, 2019 at the same time as the Dilan Film Gala Gala 1991.

In addition to the castle, Arief Yahya Tourism Minister was also present. Indeed, the names of Dilan Corner came from the mouth of Arief.

The startup process was lively. The two main characters in the film, Iqbaal Ramadhanan and Vanesha Prescilla, went into the cement as a sign of building a park.

At that time, Emil gave the name of Dilan to be a literacy room. Emil did not appear at the beginning of his opinion.

"Today we are starting an Ollain Dilan plan. I was introduced by the Minister. This Ollain Dilan is a small public place in the corner of Saparua Park for its use as a literary park," said Emil.

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He hopes that the Dilan corner can be a place to increase the millennial increase in literacy.

"The spirit field is the spirit we want to be present where the movie is often successful because it comes from a novel. So this place will be truly used for literature, novels debated, debated as an incentive to convert the film into Dilan to film. Remember the success of literacy and film, "said Emil.

"There are memories of the place, there is a list where people read books, and include a library later. So, later in the corner, a building is full of Selected books, "said Emil.

He said, the Dilan Corner project would take a year. He hoped, after completing the project, that Dilan players could re-establish the Corner Dilan.

"The land is owned by the government, it will take a year. So we'll ensure that the day is smooth and that the community of Bandung will support strength The film industry in Bandung. After finishing, we will come together here, "said Emil.

Emil, a film They say He was very well aware of the government because he was strong to represent the position of Bandung and West Java.

"Because situationIt's very good in Bandung, West Java. Secondly, the film that included 6 million observers was a sign of the success of every national film from Bandung, the film of Dilan, "he said.

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"The reason that makes us love to inspire young people made by Pidi Baiq, writing, film and young people has become examples," he said.

Emil said, literacy is needed because the Indonesian people have a low reading interest. It made the largest size on the land that has not been used.

"Our literacy is good in Indonesia, there are 60 out of 65 countries. The Indians are happy to read books, like to write. How do you want to become a prestigious country? and advanced and outgoing if you're just reading books pretty. Literature is worth reading, "he explained.

The change in his name, Emil, said he was not related to the benefits and accounts.

"The phrase is because Taman Saparua already has the name of his park. So Taman Saparua's buildings, sports facilities, climbing rocks, now this is a literacy point. That's a reason to explain, "he said.

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