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FAJAR.CO.ID, BALI – Persib Bandung should not pull again if you still want an ambition to win their first League 2018. The players do not do it; ask them free until the competition ends. Unprofitable, there is still an opportunity to give PSM although it is very heavy.

Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez's side needs to win the three remaining games and start when Serui Perseru looks at Captain Captain Waya Park, Bali, Friday (11/23). And, indeed, long as he hoped that PSM Makassar and Persija Jakarta were involved in the remaining three games.

In addition, Persib needs to focus on himself. That is, Jonathan Bauman is questioning how to output the results of games that have been played. including competitors. They need to count for the next game. Unbelievably, the spirit of the players of Persib was persuaded in the last two games that have always been lost.

Perseru challenges hard as they also want to get out of the distribution range (Galih Cokro / Jawa Pos)

For this reason, it must be against Perseru, to promote Atep cs high. Maung Bandung – named Persib, has been refused to defend his commitment because the 2018 League still leaves three games. Everything is still possible because in football it is not a subject of mathematics.

That's just that, Maung Bandung Perseru should not take effect. There are many things that prevent Persib from going to & # 39; Feels they have a good chance to achieve an impact compared to the enemy. Remember, the Persi situation is indeed the hospitality. However, the game will be held without observers in a neutral location, Patrick I Stadan Stageta Dipta, Bali.

In addition, Perseru appears to be full of incentive because it is a points to get rid of the haul. They still have the opportunity to last if they always win in the next three games and the team over them will be scattered.

Not only that, Perser seemed to be a thorn & # 39; to Persib in the last three meetings. Possib could not win in the last three meetings with one record and two losses. Interestingly, two losses occurred in League 1 in 2017 at home and away. In total, from the last 5 meetings, Persi won only 1 victory. The remaining and missed series.

Despite that, Persia has decided to return to successful ways after he has lost two last games at all times. And, unusually, he also met Captain I Stadium Dipta.

"We are willing to win." We want to complete the 2018 League 1 with a victory, "said Mario Gomez. In this way, Argentine coach will win the remaining three games.

At the same time, Perseru's coach, Wanderley Junior, added that the game against Persib was very heavy. He praised Maung Bandung as a good team and respected him. However, that does not mean Perseru is not to destroy Persib. Wanderley expresses the impact as a fixed price for the target to be & # 39; live in League 1.

"We still have a great hope. Our goal is to save Perseru in League 1," said Wanderley Junior.

Lively and revenge Both Persians and Persers are believed to be as strong as their influence. (epr / jpc)

Last 5 Meetings
12/16/18 Perseru 0-0 Persib
12/11/17 Persib 0-2 Peter
07/29/17 Perseru 2-1 Persib
11/30/16 Persib 6-2 Perseru
08-08-16 Perseru 1-0 Persib

5 Persib players at the end
11/18/18 PSIS 3-0 Persib
09/11/18 Persib 0-1 PSMS
11/11/18 Bhayangkara FC 1-2 Persib
10/30/18 Persib 1-1 Bali United
10/24/18 PSM 1-0 Persib

5 Perseru Games Game
11/17/18 Perseru 3-1 Borneo FC
11/11/18 Arema FC 4-1 Perseru
11/18/18 Perseru 3-1 Mitra Kukar
10/10/18 Sriwijaya FC 4-0 Perseru
10/24/18 Perseru 0-0 PS Touch

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