Galaxy S10 Plus "Unboxing", Samsung's favorite mobile phone – With a price tag in Indonesia from Rp. 14 million to Rp 24 million, the most expensive galaxy from Samsung to date is the Galaxy S10 Plus, which was launched in San Francisco, the United States.

Unmistakably, in the Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung has invested many of the mobile phone technology, and # 39; including RAM capacity of 12 GB and up to 1 TB of storage media. Eating stored It is the largest for smartphones.

Then, with prices to reach ten million rupiah, what does Galaxy S10 Plus buy? You can change your settings at any time including the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to find the answer.

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The consistency of the Galaxy S10 Plus appears similar to Samsung's advanced cell phones.

In addition to cell phone units, customers receive fast track with USB-type-C cable. There is also a telephone call that uses 3.5mm audio connection.

Different from recent large phones recently, the Galaxy S10 Plus continues to provide 3.5mm sound connections. That's why in a packaging box that does not have a USB-Dongle adapter-C adapter to 3.5mm audio.

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Other features include USB USB OTG adapter to USB type-C, USB-A OTG adapter to USB type-C, user guide and warranty, and SIM card release device.

It should be added that the Galaxy S10 Plus box will be available You can change your settings at any time it's not just a Indonesia turn, but it is designated for an Indonesian market.

In particular for the Indian Indoor version of the Galaxy S10 Plus, a packet box is included in addition to its box, which is a ban to protect the device and protection which has been installed directly on the device.

Pictures of the Galaxy S10 Plus package can be viewed in the following link.

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