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Guarantee Zulkifli Content Ahmad Dhani, TKN: Respect the Court Decision

Jakarta – –
A number of supporters from the constituent candidate 02 Prabowo Subianto were ready to hold a warrant for the detention of Ahmad Dhani. Jokowi-Ma Ruf Amin TKN asked Ahmad Dhani and his colleagues to continue his & her; which was a legal process, not allowing each carer to hold a commitment too.

"Ahmad Dhani would be better to just follow his legal process. Take a look at the court decision to preserve Ahmad Dhani to be held in arrested, "said spokesman for Jokowi Ma Ma Ruf Amin TKN, Ace Hasan Syadzily when notified on Sunday (02/24/2019).

Ace said that his judge's sentence was sentenced to Ahmad Dhani to be convicted of being guilty. talk hate to Dhani should be pronounced. Ace should be remembered to influence the control of its & # 39; a judge because no one can get involved. including president.

Ace said that if figures were Zulkifli Hasan, Fadli Zon, Fahri Hamzah who promised Dhani, he was worried that the people who were convinced that they did. promising loyalty also wants protection from the figure. It would be a bad view for law enforcement in Indonesia.

"If political support figures 02 provide commitments for guardian actions that are proven that they break up the law because of the speech of hatred, Speak love and support partner 02 asking for protection. It is a bad start for law enforcement in our country, "he said.

Ace spoke on the support of the directors to confirm the actions of Ahmad Dhani who were convinced that they were disturbed. In addition, Ace considered the actions of these figures to protect his sympathy that had also proved that they were discharging grain.

"We do not want the speech to hate being right with political support. This will give rise to new hatred speeches as a result of political support. If the figures give credentials, without allowing for ways such as Ahmad Dhani who like to spread hatred. "Indeed, he learned clearly what supporters had shown. hated others with harassment, "he said.

At the same time, members of the Ink TKN Nasrullah Zubir commented that the warrant for hanging up was carried out by assistant advocates 02 seated against Article 31 paragraph (1) of Law. 8 of 1981 belonging to the & # 39; Code of Criminal Procedures. According to Inas, the article says that there is only one suspect or defender capable of blocking files in business. Although Ahmad Dhani's status is double, that is the crime in another case and the suspect / guardian in another case.

"There is demand for politicians in the Prabowo camp, Fadli Zon, Fahri Hamzah, Amien Rais and Zulkifli Hasan are about to stop Ahmad Dhani against the law and his public is now open to his eyes only Prabowo's camp is disturbing their camp, even though they are breaking the law "said Inas.

Inas wondered how enthusiastic and the Prabowo camp was in the case, Tell us why everything has been stopped for Ratna Sarumpaet. He explained that Prabowo supporters who were subsequently convicted of Prabowo were elected were not stopped.

"If their goals are passionate, not only should Ahmad Dhani justify his contract, but also Ratna Sarumpaet, even thousands of other offenders which was sent to Indonesia as well. That's just the tip! Do not let Prabowo "It was elected, all convicted convicts by Prabowo were arrested while Prabowo was in the power, "said Inas.

Previously, as well as his family and as the President of Indonesia's Indonesian MPR Zulkifli Hasan, there were also several parties that were ready to provide warrants for arresting Ahmad Dhani's stop. Like Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon and Fahri Hamzah to the substitute 02, Prabowo Subianto.

Named by one of Ahmad Dhani, Zahid's advocates. In addition, he also declared that his / her party had submitted an application to stop the & # 39; his user to DKI Jakarta High Court.

"Pak Prabowo, Bang Fadli Zon, and Pak Fahri Hamzah, and the family arrested, are a guardian. We have already inserted an PT yesterday," said Zahid when confirmed at the Surabaya Class Purchasing Center, in Medaeng, Sidoarjo, Saturday (23/22/2019).

Also, see & Prabowo enough to be Content Guarantee Look Ahmad Dhani & # 39 ;:

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