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Half of Sony Mobile's employees get early retirement? – After he was sent, he would send the Xperia smartphone business unit with their electronic television, camera and audio business, and Sony again announced the novel.

It is said that the Japanese electrician is putting half of his staff from the mobile devices department, as part of the company's restructuring. The total is estimated to reach 2,000 staff from 4,000 in total.

Some workers from the Japanese mobile sector have been offered to move to another area, and early retirement programs were offered to staff in countries outside Japan or abandoned.

The new category being produced by Sony, which is a mix of mobile device components, TV and sounds, will be named “Electronics Products & Solutions”.

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The new department, VP Imaging, Shigeki Ishizuka, will guide the new department, which will start working on 1 April, 2019.

Sony claims to be reducing its investment in the East Asia region, and focussing on the markets of Europe and Eastern Asia.

Previously, Sony Mobie was left in the Middle East in 2018.

The Nikkei report was given KompasTeknoSaid Monday (1/4/2019) that the Sony region was the third sensible category of loss in 2018.

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