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CALIFORNIA, – The people have traveled to the moon and they reveal the ambitions of Taos Hum. However, there is much other philosophy that has not been successfully successful scientifically.

It is, among the unresolved races, those who have not yet been, even in doubt. Is not it interesting about the mystery that has not been resolved and to disturb scientists?

The following is a list of philosophy that scientists can not solve, as summarized Information Science, Tuesday (5/2/2019).

1. Scientists do not explain what causes people move

It's something to give a lot of people; doing, but amazingly, scientists are not sure why many people do that. Recently, a scientific community has argued that it is thermorgulatory behavior that is in fact; cooling the brain that is sewing, but the biological truth is not yet shown.

What's more, scientists are not sure why there is an invasive barrier among social people as people. A study published in 2005 in Cognitive Brain Research found that humanitarian devices in charge of emotional and social skills have been implemented when someone is experiencing a & # 39; grow faster.

The researchers also found that chimpanzees could also be & # 39; risk & # 39; survive from humans. "Making copies of others helps to accept and understand the current situation," said Matthew Campbell of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University.

2. Dancing Forest, Russia does not have a straightforward definition of a stringed string

Offered as a Dance Wood, the Kaliningrad area is full of trees that flow into spirals, rings and other shapes. They were installed in the 1960s and the same species can be done.

According to Atlas Obscura, a number of theories contain real wind, unstable, and, barriers to banner feathers that are responsible for this form. Some locals say that it is Drunken Forest.

3. One did not know the North Pole Reason Saturn Saturn

At North Pole Satarn, there is a two-dimensional climate system in strangely seagull. The storm was built and noted for years with the NASIN Cassini spacecraft, but it is still a mystery.

Crystals are the only six-dimensional form that is naturally occurring and found by scientists, so they do not know how Saturn's storm is like this.

4. Expeditions in Siberia that have not been explained

It is a broken lime limestone with 520 feet wide and a height of 139 feet in Patom. However, some locals say that it is Fire Eagle Nead & # 39; and who believes that this area is related to death due to lack of growth and lack of gratitude.

The crack was officially donated by the Russian scientist Vadim Kolpakov in 1949, but was created around 500 years ago. Ideas about its origins include nuclear planes and spacecraft.

But on the other side of Russia, the most likely theory that steam airplane happens when magma is a " go into an electric grid or mistake and a water-heated water decay.

5. Causes for unlocking Cat Snoring

It is a mystery that does not have a solution in a snoring cat. According to the BBC, the muscles around a narrow narrow base will be; cats, creativity that creates animation; make a snoring sound.

However, debate is the same reason for snoring. One reason says that snoring causes bone growth because the frequency of vibrations causes the bones to be hardened as a result of weight.

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