Sunday , February 16 2020
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Instagram Exhibitors Exhibitions Exhibit Time Dump

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Instagram will shortly update its profile. Then users will be able to view the image that has been reviewed.

This update will launch next week by changing images, buttons and tabs. However, the content that does not change in the # 39; user image grid.

In his blog it is recited, with changes to an image called Instagram
Users can tell themselves better and easier to connect with people.

Changes that change the condition of the profile of the profile to move, from the beginning on the left of the page, will move to the right. Then, profile information will move like biography and number of fans and those that follow, to the left.

Instagram wants to reinstall this to focus on making accounts easier and clearer for users. Even though it has been reviewed, all uploads of photos, videos, and & # 39; including Stored Instagram stored in the most important feature.
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