Issues on Gestur Wild Charter connected to Spring Jokowi Spring

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Photo of the National Championship Team Vice Chair (TKN) Joko Widodo-Ma, ruf Amin, Abdul Kadir Using excavation, & # 39; used hand talk (HT) at the debate situation between the two candidates to be debated. The use of HT is related to Jokowi with ears and is reported to be circulated tail or ear speaker. What does the interpretation look like?

Question debate tail and HT has a full population of social media. Spokesperson for the National Bonding Group (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Andre Rosiade, said the question should be corrected immediately.

"We do not want this to be a matter and a bias for Pak Jokowi that he uses wireless phone to hear the answer. BPN does not want this to be a joke for Pak Jokowi. I recommend that TKN clarify immediately so that it will not be a bias and a wild case. He cooked it owner using sounds, "said Andre Rosiade Monday (2/18/2019).

In allegations that are distributed, it is considered that Jokowi has been in & # 39; spend tail which can be used for two-way communication. In addition, the ones that tie it to the pens used by Jokowi.

Jokowi refused the complaint and considered being inconceivable. "So, do not have a problem that does not work," said Jokowi to reporters on Monday (18/2).

Then Abdul Kadir Karding refused to use the costs tail no. He also responded to the allegations made to him about the use of HT.

Karding explained about HT's use of the debate that night. He said he needed HT because he got work from the TKN Chairman of Erick Thohir to be associate officer (LO) for guests and Jokowi relatives. He also showed the HT that used it that night.

"I have been assigned from Erick to build guests, including the present candidate. I raised when I got out of the car and went to the road and Pramono, Pak Moeldoko, Mas Bobby, Kahiyang, Mrs. Iriana, Kiai Ma Ruf and wife, and there are trails, "Explain Karding at Cemara Post, Menteng, Mid Jakarta, Monday (18/2).

As well as missing because his responsibilities as LO of Jokowi's relatives, Karding say HT was used as a tool for communication with Jokowi-Ma'am and other other debates at the venue. This is related to the technical problems of Jokowi Ma Maha's supporters who look in the room.

"I use this (HT) as a co-ordinator support Discussions, for example the deer team, who have taken care of the partners, and others. So there are 10 people who use HT, including those, including Pak Aria Bima, Kirana (PDIP candidate Kirana Larasati), and several LOs from our political parties. So I'm using it, "said Karding.

"I'm using it here (HT is put on the lung and on the rope headsetit is placed in the ear). I keep 1, Mr Aria has a & # 39; 1. This is not attached to Mr Jokowi. Many BPN friends (National Advocacy Group) and Prabowo supporters knew. So my job was yesterday. in EO. So there's nothing (attached to Jokowi), "he said.

This PKB politician said, the president's appointee did not use any communication devices but simply sent a microphone or sound sound to his / her; committee discussed. Karding also asked the people who expected Jokowi to investigate a CCTV camera camera at the center's debate if they were not still in the process; believe.

"What I understand, I do not see that there are special tools in the body of President before I go to the debate. The committee has sent its Here, that's a microphone for sound as we want speech presentation, "he said.

"Mr. Jokowi did not speak to Pak Kiai Maha Ruf, Mr Erick, Pak Pramon, Mr Moeldoko, Mrs. Iriana, and made a prayer. I had a picture , I went to the room and then to the platform. Anything, I saw myself, "Holded on.

At the same time, the KPU put pressure on the need for tools in the debate, both Jokowi and Prabowo president candidates.

"President 01 and 02 Residents no one is using a device, like that clear so, "KPU Wahyu Setiawan commissioner told us AFPMonday (2/18). Wahyu was asked about the case about Jokowi's use tail during the debate that night.

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