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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Indonesian Research Circle (LSI) Denny JA judge of the electorate No voting was allowed he has the ability to avoid noise Jokowi– Amin's ruf at President's election 2019. This situation encouraged an increase in the capacity of the founding president of the two and vice-president number 02 Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.

"It is not impossible when much of the harvest is kept. The support from Prabowo-Sandiaga can go up. We see that there are challenges in absenteeism," said a researcher. LSI Denny JA Ardian Sopa at LSI Office, East Jakarta, Friday (12/4).

Ardian said the absence of absenteeism would have to be in the 2019. General Election: The Golput well could have a negative impact on the candidate's election and vice-president's number of payments. Amin ruf.

“If absenteeism happens that happens again, he will plan further into Jokowi,” said Ardian.

Ardian said that the power of incredible events could affect the fortunes of both candidates. This spectacular event will affect the profile of the two candidates. For example, he said that he was associated with the false Ratna Sarumpaet incident, which had qualities for the Prabowo camp camp.

"If there is nothing strange, indeed the results of our survey will continue, it will be like this," said Ardian.

Ardian also commented on the case of Jokowi who had been attacked in Malaysia compared to a persecution issue claimed for Ratna Sarumpaet who succeeded in the possibilities of Prabowo Subianto. Voting for the Jokowi ballot in Malaysia, Ardian said there was no evidence that Jokowi was involved. So he said the vote had not affected Jokowi's ability.

In the case of Ratna Sarumpaet, Ardian, Prabowo said that a press conference was being held immediately, not to mention that Ratna was a member of the National Awards team (BPN). "Prabowo immediately made news about what he condemns and so even if it's not the truth," Ardian said.

According to Ardian, the steps taken by Prabowo were harmful to ability in the 2019 Presidential election. Many people regretted the steps taken by Prabowo without revision. "The public say that decision making is very fast from Prabowo," said Ardian.

Although Malaysia's impact in the city was not affected by the influence of Jokowi, the survey suggested that LSI's ability survey was released in April 4-9. The event, which was taken over by Jokowi in Malaysia, only happened on Thursday (11/4).

Previously, the results of the survey looked LSI Jokowi-Ma-two-figure lead over the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno in the 2019 Presidential election. Results of the survey showed that Jokowi-Maruf was excellent in the a range of 55.9 per cent to 65.8%. Although Prabowo-Sandi received support in the range of 34.2 per cent to 44.1%.

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