Jokowi and his campaign team told Bawaslu about Russian propaganda

JAKARTA, – Presiding candidate number 01 Joko Widodo and several members of the Jokowi Ma Mao National Team (TKN) Group have been referred to the Selection Board (Bawaslu) on harassment costs.

The Researcher is the Electoral Care Advocate.

They opposed Jokowi, Secretary General PDI-P, Hasto Kristiyanto, spokesman for TKN Ace Hasan Syadzliy, and Deputy Chairman TKN Arsul Sani for persuading Prabowo-Sandiaga for a number Calls 02 Attorney with foreign consultants in the 2019 Presidential Election.

"Air 2 February in Surabaya, East Java, where Mr Jokowi was there report if we believe they are able to express a public order where the content is fiercely fragile, "said a member of the Electoral Care Advocate, M. Taufiqurrahman at the Bawaslu Office, Jakarta Meadhanach, Wednesday (06/06/2019).

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Jokowi at that time said that Prabowo-Sandiaga Russian propaganda used against the president's election.

The statement was also confirmed by several members of the Jokowi-Ma ruf campaign team.

According to the reporter, it is not true that the Prabowo camp used Russian councilors against the president's election. This has even been rejected by the Russian Ambassad.

The reporter corrupted Jokowi's words and an unprecedented campaign team.

"In addition report delivered by Pak Hasto as General Secretary of the PDI-P who said Russian propaganda was a proof of pair 02, which used foreign consultants. Now this is more exciting and there is no base, "said Taufiqurrahman.

According to the reporter, the reporting party declared an article 280 letter c in conjunction with Section 521 of Law No. 7 of 2017. If convicted, the reporting party may be subject to 2-year crime measures and a 24 million Rp fine.

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In his complaint, the reporter gave evidence in a news format in a number of media related to Jokowi's ideas and his campaign team about & # 39; Raw counselors and propaganda &

The reporter hopes that Bawaslu can quickly update this report, regardless of the status reported.

"Due to a principle the law must equality by law, so that anyone who complains or disappointes needs to be investigated, "he said.

Previously, the Russian word & propaganda & # 39; made by President 01 President, Joko Widodo.

Jokowi said the candidate's pair of 02 Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga One was using foreign councilors against the 2019 president's election.

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He did not indicate which foreign advisers who used the Prabowo-Sandi camp. However, he had referred to the Russian propaganda case.

"As I said, Russian printing theory is similar to that. There are so many people as possible to boil as much as possible, to blow as many and as possible as possible tops, get as bigger as possible for people to try the case. Indeed, the theory is like that, "said Jokowi when He met wood and furniture in Solo, Sunday (3/2/2019).

Jokowi gave examples of a bitch case in breaking seven voting devices. As well as Ratna Sarumpaet's persecution rivalry, who was still participating in the Prabowo-Sandi National Winning Group.

As a result of using the foreign consultant, according to Jokowi, the enterprise strategy that uses the challenging challenge is capable of; community.

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