Katie Bouman, Photographer of the Black Dog

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Katie Bouman's lighting up. Two scientists 29-year-old closed their mouths. If it were trying to keep the spirits back. In front of him is an open laptop. It includes numbers and a downloadable image. That picture makes Bouman happy. That is a picture of a black hole, only a black hole.

Until now, no individual had been able to "draw" the original picture of a black hole. "Seeing unbelief when the first statue of a black hole that I made in the process was reconstructed," wrote Bouman going with the picture he put on his Facebook account he has.

Bouman joined the Telescope (EHT) Event Horizon team about 6 years ago, still as a college student and continuing a PhD in computers.

At that time he had no idea of ​​black holes. The research that was carried out at that time was to find ways of seeing things that were not visible through computer programs. So it is seen as the right candidate to do black on black images.

Black holes are areas which are attractive for the ground. Nobody can get out of the black hole. Including light. There are several black holes in space, but the largest is “galaxy Messier 87” (M87). The distance is around 55 million light years from the ground. This photograph was successfully raised by the EHT team.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Bouman started to create algorithms to capture pictures of black holes. He managed the algorithm team with scientists from MIT's Art and Computing Laboratory, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and MIT Haystack Observatory.

To capture pictures with such a large distance, you need a wonderful telescope. And it's not a single telescope. There are eight radio telescopes in several parts of the world connected.

A team led by Bouman has a duty to ensure that a retrieval technique creates radio telescope data by the EHT team detailing the center of the M87 detail.

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