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JAKARTA, iNews.id – Herbal skin is an herb that is similar to stigma and legend. Indeed, the nerves and the skin of mycobacterium leprosis are more than a disease.

This disease will go through breathing, breathing, and direct communication with patients who have not been treated.

The Directorate of Restriction and Control of Immunological Rehabilitation Directorate of the Ministry of Health, Dr Wiendra Waworuntu, M.Kes said that his / her community is think that herb is quite common. Even if it is handled late, it can be a substituted source.

"This (leprosy) is not very tasty because of that many people think it's normal. In fact, the moisturized problem is only spot and taste, so it is believed that it's normal. Even if it's too late for it to be found and that the active gadget, it's a repository source, "said Dr. Wiendra, as reported by a news statement on Friday (02/08/2019).

He explained, one of the factors that affect herbal replacement. , one of them is exhausted that he has not lost a special drug for the disease. The behavioral period, continued, was & # 39; averages an average of three to five years on average and is the problem of this biggest illness in tropical countries, and third in the world after India and Brazil in the number of cases new found in a year.

The number of Indigenous Indian footprints came to 6.07 per 100,000 population. There are 15,910 new cases in total.

Nationally, Indonesia has abolished herbivor (the number of cases of recorded or populated herbage <1 / 10,000) in 2000. That's all, he said, there are still ten areas that did not stop with a herb .

Then at the end of 2017, 142 kingdoms / towns still have not reduced herb in 22 areas. The uncommon format in the body that can be used; suffering from herbing to be different. The skin is marked by a white mirror and red spots and anxiety. Sometimes in the form of lumps on the arms, face, body and ears.

"The remote nerves are marked by growing in the field of palms or casks of casualties, parallelisms in the hands and feet, the drip, and do not sweat , "he said.

At the same time, Department of Medical Infection, Department of Skin and Gender Health, Department of Medicine, the University of Indonesia, Dr. Sri Linuwih Menaldi SW, SpKK (K), has an infectious disease but is not easily transmitted.

If the unusual thing happens in the eye, he said, it was marked by a blink bending, and the eyelids did not close correctly.

It is a worst problem that there is a permanent deficiency such as cough, abbreviated or broken fingers, hand and foot paralysis, which are not eyelids; closing (lagophthalmos), and blind.

"We need to be aware that Indonesia is the third person who is aggravating the world." The problem in herbage is like other diseases, such as phlegm, ringworm, and chilblains, "he said.

Those who have influenced herbs need to do a series of effective healing by supplying multi-drug cure (MDT) that is available free of charge at Puskesmas and several hospitals. The time is a six month cure for a PB type (papibacillary), and 12 months for a MB type (multi-leaflet).

He said, the aim of herring treatment is to be done; Dissemination chain breakdown, disability prevention or disability treatment, problem-solving, patient life development.

"Herbage is not the same as a disability. Herbal can be cured, finding early marks and herbicides, eliminating stigma and discrimination," he said.

Editor: Tuty Ocktaviany

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