Like Dinosaurs, 300 Million Reptile These mammals are like mammals – A museum in New Mexico has just published one of the prehistoric mammalian figures with complex forms. Do not stop the shape that looks like a hen hen, the dinosaur.

According to the information on the Natural History and Science Museum (NMMNHS) New Mexico Wednesday (11/21/2018), finned reptiles are the top illustration of scientific names Gordodon Kraineri.

It has expanded 43 centimeters of mercury, and Increase 34 kilograms, and are 1.5 meters long. About 300 million years ago at the age of Permian, he lived and affected in the Southwest America department.

The Permian period lasted 300 million to 251 million years ago, just before dinosaurs appear. Breast cancer is called the animals that live in this time, and are more like mammals as we do; make comparisons T.rex, The Triceratopsand others.

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"G. kraineri which includes mammalian ancestors, our nearest skeletons (mammals) are the dinosaurs, "said the paleontologist and the supervisor director Spencer Lucas to Life Science by e-mail, Wednesday (11/21/2018).

The fossils were found in the New Mexico department in March 2013 by the Oklahoma University geology class. After they told Lucas about this, he and his team gathered their bones in 2013 and 2014.

Lucas said, this creature has a number of small, small teeth. This is what inspired the name Gordodon Kraineri.

The name of its character is derived from the "fat" word; meaning "fat" and "odon" from the Greek word for tooth.

At the same time, Kraineri is honored by Karl Krainer, geologist of the University of Innsbruck in Austria, to help him in geological discovery and paleontology in New Mexico.

Lucas said, this reptile has a very positive structure on a skull, the plaid and teeth. This shows that they eat specially beneficial plants.

"Herbal herbal reptiles were not optional, they might dig out what plants they came. But Gordodon was different, he had several things like today's animals, as a goat and deer, "he said.

So far, the oldest animals with teeth like G. kraineri which was found for 205 million years ago, or from the late Triax period.

"Gordodon Kraineri "Fisheries expansion for 95 million years," he said.

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In the report published in the magazine Palaeontologia Electronica In the November magazine, the results of the herbal shovels improved the palaontologist's understanding of the early history of herbal reptiles.

But what work at the clouds on his back is still a mystery.

"We believe that the falls on his back are used to remove them. They are causing blood to the fish that Increased blood flow so that the blood can be served faster or heated. But this is still uncertain, "he said.

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