Maf Ruf Amin: If You have the Right to Support Egyptian Alumni Support, this is a sign …

JAKARTA, – Former president claimed 01 Ma Ruf Amin, who had supported the Ethiopian Indian Alumni Network (JAMI) group and Joko Widodo, the Presidential Tag 2019 (Pilpres) to be completed .

"Indeed, if Egyptian students have confirmed, the president's election has terminated, this is a sign," said Ma & Ruf as long as he was in. Attending public debate and JAMI certification to Jokowi-Ma Ruf at the Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (02/09/2018).

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In confirmation, JAMI was represented by Presidential Specialist (UKP) for Middle East Alwi Shihab and Indonesian branch chair Alum Azum International Alumni Group (OIAA) Zainul Majdi no Tuan Guru Bajang ( TGB).

"Thanks to Allah Almighty's love in fact, our Australian Indigenous Alumni Network is supporting Joko Widodo and Maf Ruf Amin as candidates for president and vice president in the 2019 Election," alumni from Egyptian students confirmed the confirmation.

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Then the reason to accept Jokowi was invited as vice president. At that time, the pupils asked him to accept Jokowi because there was a greater national interest in doing together.

"Jokowi invited me to be a former president of the opinion of the clergy. Jokowi could have been politicians, businessmen, military, police, but it seems," he said. after that.

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Jokowi, Ma & # 39; ruf has been considered, not only a & # 39; ask for support from the sacrifices, but also to cooperate with ulama as his vice president.

For this, this was a distinction between Jokowi and other politicians who requested the use of sacrifices only for their personal and party interests.

"Many have received support from pupils, but after they have been successful, they forgot us," said Ma & Ru.

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