Maia Estianty's mother's great message to Dul Jaelani

What's in the message of Grandma Dul?

Dream – Abdul Qodir Jaelani Do not raise the drawings of Dewa 19 concerts on his Instagram account page. In the picture, Ahmad Dhani's son and an old lady, Maia Estianty, were made by Dewa 19 members as Once and Ari Lasso were at the front of the audience.

Dul, who replaced his father Ahmad Dhani, said that he was serving prisons due to a cause of intimidating speech. I was proud to be part of the concert.

" Proud to be part of this concert. Thanks KL,"wrote Dul Jaelani, named by Dream, Wednesday 6 February 2019.

Getting respondents to & # 39; get a great deal from Warganet. One of them is a grandmother Dul whose mother Maia Estianty, Kustini. The grandmother gave a fragile message for this 18 year old man.

"I hope the success of your life journey will be blessed by God and that it will benefit the future life and generations that are not proud of Amin3x yra," write out @kusthini_hs

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In addition to his grandmother, many of the Warganet gave congratulations and a commitment to go.

"Success succeeds …" write out @yenyyanyan.

"First success … because this is loved by humans, but even to other countries. This concert," Dewa 19 "gives blessings and opportunities, how can you go … but in my way, " said @ Diguaya.

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