Make eyebrows out of shoes in 4 easy ways, Jakarta As the time goes on and when you are old, your skin has a & # 39; showing ancient signs. One of the ambitions in the area is around the eyes. The skin around the eyes that starts with a rooster can be at # 39; reducing confidence in women.

Urban women today make a variety of ways to make this signal of a & # 39; grow older using different beauty materials. Apparently, you can make your own face care surface special for this area.

As mentioned by the site BoldskyHere are ways to stop legends about the eyes you can easily make at home.

1. Pineapple

Alpha hydroxy acid in pineapple fruit is useful for broadcasting cruisers on skin. Make pineapple and puree juice using a mixer. Apply to your face, especially the part around the eyes carefully and carefully. Wait for 20 minutes, then burn with water.

2. Banana masks

You can use a natural chest that uses natural banana materials. No banana crush and add any teaspoon of fresh jaw. In addition to doing its & # 39; skin is worse, bananas vitamin A can help to reduce the skin, control black spots. Although vitamin B sets out the symptoms; not to be older in the eye area.

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