Marten Ivory Crack Household, This is Roy Marten's supporter

TEMPO.CO, The Jakarta – Dad does not want her baby to suffer. That's definitely for all parents, including Roy Marten. Although this time has often been showing harmony in the public, Gisella Anastasia, the spouse of Roy Marten, defeated Roy's defender, Gading Marten after about 5 years of marriage. Roy Marten was sorry to hear the news.

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As well as thinking about Gempi, there is a subscription to & # 39; Gading Marten's wedding – Gisella Anastasia, Roy Marten is also very sad because Christmas will come sooner. "Shortly suspended and new year, Mas Roy is very tough, destroyed. As a result, a marriage must be maintained," said Astrid, a close-up of Roy Marten who was regarded as a family, to, Wednesday, 21 November 2018.

Astrid asked Gade Marten – Gisella Anastasia to take lessons from the strong love of Roy Marten – Anna Maria. Although he was often beaten with exams very beautiful, the couple who married in 1985 still remained firm in maintaining the strength of his sweetheart.

"He should comment on the marriage of Mas Roy with Mbak Anna who is as strong as a variety of tests," he said.

Gading Marten – Gisella Anastasia officially married on 14 September 2013 back. The wedding at that time was held in Uluwatu, Bali, with a white fever. As a result of this marriage they were blessed by a child called Gempita Noura Marten aka Gempi.

There can be many things in support. Not only can our families who have problems, material, speech and prayer support our families. This time, the singer and photographer Tompi made a picture of Roy Marten with his son, Gading Marten, who was abusing. The father seemed to be so depressing. his child was due to family problems.

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In his photo, elevate, Tompi wrote the words like Roy would be; repair his son. "My son is OK, everything has been OK enough … I have one of the beautiful scenes for Fuji's picture," says Tompi.


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