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Minister Jonan Turns Jago Cook, This is the campaign when I'm promoting Jargas – VIVA

LIVE – The ESDM Minister, Ignasius Jonan, introduced energy infrastructure at Tanggulangin TAS 2, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java, on Friday 1 March 2019.

The established energy infrastructure was a domestic gas or domestic gas network, BBM converter and LPG converters for fishermen, public water lights, and clean water drills.

For jargas, a total of 7,093 housing connections were set up by Jonan in Sidoarjo Regency. In addition, there were 196 packages of BBM to LPG transformation for small fishermen in Sidoarjo. Using state budget funding in 2018, gas supply is available; comes from Lapindo Brantas Ltd of 0.4mmscfd.

Jargas was built in seven towns, the town of Banjar Panji, Banjar Asri, Penatarsewu, Sentul, Kalisampurno, Kedensari and Boro. According to Jonan, the government uses state budget funding for landlords for simple, simple flat houses and areas of gas supply.

This is the fifth time that jargas was built in Sidoarjo. Jargas was first built in 2010 as large as 4,061 SR. In addition, there were 2,457 in 2011, in 2012 as high as 2,230 SR, in 2014 there were 1,702 and the final 2018 arrived at 7,093 SR. The total price taken in Sidoarjo Regency is 17,543 SR.

In addition to Sidoarjo, for East Java Province, a gradual build will be built in the Surabaya City, Mojokerto Regency, Pasuruan City and Probolinggo City. So far, the total network built in East Java is 65,961 SR. Jonan, in the future, said a special jazz in Sidoarjo could be raised.

"Because the well is a gas," he said.

Well after the service, Jonan went to one of the houses near where the event was. Lean Governor Sidoarjo, Saiful Ilah, and several other officers. In the house, Jonan just went to the kitchen room, and met the housekeeper. They went to a cooking board. "We'll try cooking," said Jonan.

Then a housewife is turning on the stove stack. Cooking oil would pour. When the oil starts to heat up, Jonan then goes to her; drag the egg at the table and break it. Then he drinks the egg. The listeners welcomed. Her hands will look like sheets; play beautifully. Not stiff.

"Do not take it straight (the egg), leave it first until the oil goes out," said Jonan after cooking the egg he broke. After that, he broke a fire. (before)

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