Mobile camera with Super Optics equipment

Huawei P30 and P30 telephones launched in Paris, France on March 26, 2019, are giving an awareness relay in the camera section. The latest technology allows further expansion, acceleration of better bokeh images, the capturing of wider images and more detail, and the agility of the smarter.

This cell phone camera is the maximum in its class, thanks to Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor technology, Optical SuperZoom Lens, Huawei Time of Flight (ToF), and flexible technology and advanced AI technology.

Through this revolutionary technology, the P30 and P30 series allow the capture of pictures and videos in a variety of genres. It is reported that the P30 series is improving following decades of digital camera technology development on cellphones.

"He is transcribing the rules and recreating everyone's understanding of outrageous images," said Huawei, Principal Business Officer for Business, Richard Yu.

The P30 camera achieves the DxOMark 112 score, supported by Leica Quad's latest camera system. The main camera is the 40MP resolution, with the SuperSpectrum Sensor, equipped with a 20MP disk space lens, lens the 8MP resolution resolution, and Huau ToF camera technology to the 32MP front camera.

The advantages of the P30 series are the SuperZoom lens up to a 5x size with flexible visibility, 10x folding with hybrid movement, and 50x Easter with a digital zoom. The way in which the prismatic elements of a telephoto camera light light at a 90-degree angle to maximize the distance that it maintains the camera.

Although the ToF Camera allows users to capture image depth information to provide a true picture drawing. By measuring in detail it will take a sufficient distance to symbolize bokeh images.

The 4200mAh battery charge, with SuperCharge super-fast technology that is capable of cutting machines from zero to 70%, is available in 30 minutes. SuperCool technology improves performance and keeps your phone cool when you are heavy.

Huawei 30P has one different kind of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Although P30 Pro is 3 different in size with 8 GB of memory and choice of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB memory. Both rows are offered between 799-1249 Euro. feur / E-6

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