MU You do not want to buy a star player

Manchester – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that Manchester United did not have to spend much money to bring star players. Red Devils needs a shop as needed.

Manchester United has introduced several star players from Alex Ferguson's release in 2013. Angel di Maria, Radamel Falcao, until Alexis Sanchez was introduced to strengthen the team.

The product is uneasy for MU. Di Maria, who bought for 59.7 million pounds, was released to Paris Saint-Germain after a single season survived and Falcao was not retained after being loaned by AS Monaco for one season.

Now, Sanchez's turn has not made a big impact on Mu. In fact, the Red Devils have spent 35 million pounds, they must also add 10 million pounds as a cash agreement, and 15 million pounds for Sanchez, Fernando Felicevich.
"It's not about the number of players it's." The most important and most appropriate players are. His person must also be suited to the team, "Solskjaer was mentioned in four four.

"Buying a star star does not automatically develop everything and we will change the opponent immediately to the best four, then inspire," follow e.

Solskjaer said that MU also needed young players. They will then be combined with higher players to maintain balance.

"If you look at the players, their age, they are young and they can improve. But we also need some players to know how to live and become leaders," explained Solskjaer.

"Paul (Pogba) is now, Jesse (Lingard) too. They are at an age when we expect to take that responsibility, young people now have not been confirmed," he said.

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