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JAKARTA – The Muhammadiyah Youth Chief Executive (PP) spoke about the appeal power of people Amien Rais said that if there was fraud in the 2019 election. The Chair of the Honorable Council of PAN's report was considered in an effort to reduce public confidence in the organizers and electoral justice centers.

The Chair of the Department of Political Relations and Inter-Institution, Chief Executive of Muhammadiyah, Ali Muthohirin, said that the election event was a celebration of democracy which needed to be kept together and a supportive population needs. and productive. All parties deal appropriately with this minute of power, notwithstanding everyone's interest.

“So it is not right that one person trying to encourage the people with a dangerous moment to shift their ambitions to ensure election results and ensure that intention is there. the election governing body. The developed statement should be a commentary that affects and does not cause a controversy that will distur the community, "Ali Muthohirin said in a written report on Sunday (03/31/2019). T .

The old Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) believed that Amien Rais was a great advocate of (power of people) to respond to election fraud by not using appropriate routes through the Constitutional Court (MK), which was seen as an attempt to reduce public confidence in the KPU, Bawaslu and MK. (Reading: Apple Alert on KPU, Amien Rais: We People Power)

"This is a form of bad encouragement and attempt to dismantle the KPU, which is unfortunate with the reintroduction of a national reform. T "The demise of the construction of democracy that had been built and organized over the past two decades," he said.

As a senior figure, Ali said that all the statements and statements delivered should be solutions that are soltive, enlightening, advanced and which do not include elements so that they can t future conflict.

It believes in the credibility, capacity and capability of the general election organizers (KPU and BELIEVE) that both personally and locally are able to maintain public choices directly, publicly, in private, in private, and honest and fair without a political party to one party, or some election partners.

It emphasized that all solutions to disputes and allegations of fraud in general elections must be resolved in accordance with the relevant legal measures.

"The Court of Constitution is officially constitutional in resolving different types of disputes over the granting of elections in a fair and equitable manner, without meeting specific groups in a political or personal situation," she said. said the priest.

So the party was sorry for the Muhammadiyah Youth, the Amien Rais recital which sought to invite the public to make exciting ways in this selection process.

In addition, it strongly refuses to share people and establishments in the country through different efforts on the promotion and discovery of false news which induce social conflict.

“I encourage all young people to the young generation Muhammadiyah in particular and the wider community to keep up a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and to make sure that all party democratic parties are given a good chance,” he said. T .


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