Nana Krip's awesome story to find money. register while it is & # 39; travel to the Hajj

Jakarta – One of the Sergeant Sergeant members, Krisna Purwana, felt that the number of Nana Krip who had died on Wednesday (20/2) was lost at 09.00 WIB.

Krisna also describes the memories he had; by Nana Krip. One was a story when Nana Krip had emigrated and found a silver spoon.

"Bang Nana, when she went to Hajj, she got money like that, I do not want, I do not want to take this money. But, I tried, I came into Jakarta . / 2).

Fortunately, shortly after he returned home he wanted to make a car. They also went through other reminiscences, including Sys NS and Pepeng.

"Yes, Allah is giving Jakarta, Terano. Bang Nana is a really funny, funny, Sys, Sanna favorite, Nana's favorite. If Bang Nana is getting hurt Sys little is debated immediately. We want to gather, Pepeng, me, Sys, Nana often get together at Pepeng's house at times, we often wander around. And the A story about Bang Nana always. Pepeng's thousands of stories are true. It can happen every day, "he explained.

(bupa / nu2)

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