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NASA scientists visit the moon to make people live

RAKYATKU.COM – Janelle Wellons, NASA's engineer says that Titan, Planet Saturnur is the biggest home for people. That was recently shared with Wellon on the Reddits.

Titan, who said, is 14 per cent of the Earth's gravity. To be very different from Earth. But the air of the sky will make it easier than the shallow air of Mars or the Moon.

“Saturn is the biggest moon at Saturn, bigger than Mercury, so I believe we can be satisfied with lots of space. It is so fast that we can put wings in our hands and fly this month, ”he wrote, reporting from, Sunday (03/24/2019).

Titan is the only place in addition to land known to be in the shape of lochs and seas. "This liquid is made of methane, but with the right kind of protection it can, the people can swim theoretically without putting themselves in danger."

These Titan lots explain why Wellons believe Titan is alive for people, but there are also some things that are not as interesting as it. For example, Titan has an average temperature of -179C, because it is far from the Sun.

It takes years to get there, where astronomers need to absorb radioactive waves from the Sun, micro-mass and lots of weight.

However, Titan seems to be a popular destination among scientists, with Brian Cox, a leading astronomer also feeling optimistic about their potential.

He once introduced Stephen Fry to an interesting BBC program. Maybe someone "destroys Ewok" in one of the cool cold-Titan metal lochs.

NASA expert Amanda Hendrix had said that Titan could sustain an independent life.

Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Hendrix, co-founder of the NASA Roadmap to Oceans World Group, said: "I think simple life forms could exist in some of the world's oceans in our solar system."

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