Often given to, Polri needs to be neutral!

A police chief's declaration at Pasirwangi, Garut, AKP Sulman Aziz had been ordered to order Joko Widodo (Jokowi) -My Amin ruf. Jokowi also confirmed the TNI and Polri need to be impartial in the election.

Jokowi said he often talked about the independence of the TNI and Polri in elections. In fact, he also presented this in the leadership meeting of TNI-Polri.

"I haven't had an hour or two for the army police," said Jokowi when he met after the campaign at the Amateur Transport Center, City Sorong, West Papua, Monday (1/4/4). T 2019).

He argued that the politics of the TNI and Polri was a state politics. But in elections, TNI and Polri need to be able to maintain independence.

“At the TNI and Polri meeting, I declare that the politics of the TNI and Polri are state politics. We must be unstable. I think I don't have to do it again, ”explained Jokowi.

Former Sulman had held a press conference saying he was asked by the head of Garut AKBP Budi Satria Wiguna to win a Jokowi-ruf pair at the 2019 Presidential election. T release as it was transferred to the Gakkum Division of the West Java Police Traffic Directorate. The move was believed to be due to design by a religious figure which proved to be the applicant's proof committee 02 Prabowo-Sandi.

"Indeed, I said because I was feeling sick at the time, I was moved from my old position as the police chief," said Sulman.

He cited the statement to Sunday (31/3) as a mistake. Sulman confirmed the institution where he was working side-by-side.

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