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Oppo Patents by Screening the Camera Camera, the difference?

Jakarta – Oppo published a patent for a camera on the screen, although a number of retailers had been installed. So what's the difference?

The Chinese retailer was a patent for the World Intellectual Property Management (WIPO). In a document entitled Mobile Phone with App Icon Interface, two patents have been submitted.

Now, the display that appears to & # 39; Demonstrates the cellular cell design that puts a selfie camera in the upper corner of the left. Interestingly, its presence is almost unclear as it is related to the camera application icon. Although the screen is on the left hand side, the condition of the camera application icon does not change.

Patterns also show the back and bottom of the cell phone. The antenna line carries a roof and a base; pole. Bilingual cameras are set up horizontally which are combined with LED lights.

Oppo Patents by Screening the Camera Camera, the difference?Photograph: Gizchina

The fingerprint sensor is still installed in the middle. Although a person has a small USB port, a 3.5 mm audio device.

Depending on the truth, this designer will be given in R19. But with the news about the X2 search to blow, there is a suspicion that the same concept will be given to a fan to find them X. But what is it? Doubtless there is a fingerprint, because the two phones are in a position; Carrying a sensor down the screen.

It may be that Oppo is implemented on F11. Due to the number of reductions that appear to be present, even this cellphone has certified its Pocket certificate of Home Content (TKDN). (afr / fyk)

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