PS5 can attract games from PS4

Jakarta – It has not yet been discovered when it appears, Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been busy by doing a number of men. One of them is capable of playing games before his PS4 consort.

PS5 can attract games from PS4


The PS5, which will become Sony's main installation in the world of its consort, was not detected when it was born although it was already reported in a number of people.

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After Sony had made sure he started working on the PS4 continuity, news revealed that the DualShock player would be on the phone; a continuation that continued to continue. including screen.

After that, Sony's decision to be off after the Expo Entertainment Electron (E3) 2019 event was also due to the focus on PS5.

Now blow on other facts to & # 39; related to its ability; The PS5 is later able to perform PS4's planned games, as well as recreational abilities.

Commemorated by Daily Star, Thursday (11/22/2018), this is marked by the output of the Sony report released on IR IR 2018.

A description of, the quote is a & # 39; read, "to try to reduce the impact of the life of the stage compared to the previous one and to establish a profit structure."

Explain Daily Star in a simpler language, Sony wanted to increase its presence, and # 39; new generation communication later with the ability to play existing games before becoming increasingly sustainable with the support of new games.

This allows the purchase of PS5 just to allow them to enjoy a special game immediately. box (which is still enough), as well as buying games with more collections from the previous consulates – which also has a " expand PS4 livelihood.

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