Reverse Beer Carrier Trucks, 80,000 canoe cans to enter passengers

PHUKET, – A truck that carries ten thousands of hairs is down in Thailand. As much as more than 80,000 gallons on the spills on the streets grew to occupy the decline.

Remove from The independent onethe slab was returned after a driver dropped control of the truck when it turned to a speed exceeding 60km per hour.

As a result, the food stall truck hit the side of the road and the up side. Thousands of lazy heads make truck on the streets.

The pictures of the crash situation that happened on January 11 showed thousands of legs scattered by the side of the road and in the front of a shop shop.

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Nearly the locals and the catastrophe saw going to collect the drink cans.

Some residents seemed to have scattered legs but some did not use it for free beverages.

It appeared that residents were adding banned cannons to bags, transported to cars or built into a motorcycle, just after an event in the town of Phuket.

The police were disturbing her; The idea of ​​people who had taken a cannon, said they were a medical activity and that they investigated.

A number of residents were held for questioning.

"They have taken into account that they have seen other people picking up cannons, and they also did it," said Sompong Thiparpakun, Phuket Township Chief Police. The ThaigerSouth Westerly

"They said they would drink their own beverages. If it was confirmed that residents were still selling cans of cans, a legal action would be implemented."

"Taking things from the place of the accident are illegal activities," said Thiparpakun.

A truck owner's shipping company, Sirimongkon Logistics, has sent a complaint with his police about the blister that was lost after the accident.

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They say that the up-to-date truck carries 86,400 pounds of lir worth 2 million baht (around Rp 894 million).

"This event is in two cases. The first thing is a problem with a traffic accident that is under investigation."

"The second case has been stolen. There are lots of pictures and video clips as ears. If someone gets the beer and returned, they are still guilty," said Thiparpakun.

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