Saddil Ramdani is the Malaysian League's most valuable U-23 player

Jakarta – The Malaysian U-23 player is thought to be Saddil Ramdani. The girl has 20-year-old just joined Pahang FA.

FoxSport Asia distributed 5 U-23 players that are worth the Malaysian League. Four Arab appearances, Saddil, were the only foreign players.

Johor Dahrul gave two players to pass. The first Akhyar Rashid, it is estimated that Rp 797.2 million has a sales value.

Akhyar Rashid is a key player on the JDT as well as being the U-19 national of Malaysia. He has already delivered Kedah FA to champion in the 2017 FA Cup and won the Malaysian Charity Shield with JDT.

Secondly, JDT's Akhyar Rashid team, Safawi Rasid, joined the team. The collection of 17 failures for the Malaysia national team was estimated by Rp 1.19 billion.

With regard to JDT, Rasid Safari has won five titles from 2017. One Malaysian Cup and two titles of Malaysia's Super League and the Malaysian Charity Shield, respectively.

Ifwat Kaveah FA, Ifwat Akmal Che Kassim, became the most valuable young player. The 22-year-old gamekeeper for Safawi Rasid was thought to be the same.

In this year's Super Malaysian League, Ifwat Akmal has been playing seven times. A total of three titles were given to the former Andik Vermansah club. Malaysia's 2016 Cup, Malaysia's Charity Shield 2017, and Malaysia FA 2017 are the information.

The academy of Sylangor, Syahmi Safari, is in the position of the two most prolific young players. The 21-year-old is thought to have a Rp 1.5 billion price.

Syahmi Safari became a member of the team when Malaysia won a bronze medal at the 2017 SEA Games. Her best achievements to date have been won FA FACTOR guidelines.

Saddil was the Malaysian League's most valuable player. It is estimated to have a Rp 2.39 billion price. The girl has 20 years playing 6 times for FA Pahang, just giving one goal.

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