Scientists are showing their snow bowls; great

The 500-billion-year landform still remains the member that is half of the planet.

Dream – More than half a billion years ago, the land was still a big snowstorm that was lying. It is said that glaciers cover the earth to the equator.

Recently, scientists say they have found the last topic of the earth. The last snowball is thought to have been found 635 million years ago.

"Wash more than a few thousand years ago, it will cause more than a million years," said a paleobiologist at Virginia Blackburg's Polytechnic Institute and State University, Shuhai Xiao.

It was recited Science Magazinefrom the first thought, the ice melted due to carbon dioxide that was emitted by old volcanoes. It is thought that this setting creates a greenhouse effect and makes the ice sheet melt quickly.

Xiao and her researchers studied volcanic specimens from the Yunan region of China. At this location it is said that types of rock are known as carbon-cap capacities, special deposits of limestone and dolostone that were created during World Football.

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