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Secure image Syahrini's Lill Maya, Reino Barack in 2 Instagram Posts

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – A photograph of Syahrini, Reino Barack, which is still kept by Luna Maya on her Instagram. There is one picture of Reino Barack which is common in two different roles.

Syahrini's marriage to Reino Barack was always associated with Luna Maya.

The well-known singer, known as Princess Syracus, has also officially held the title Mrs Reino Barack.

Singer Syahrini officially married the Reino Barack businessman.

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This information was revealed by one of the invited guests at the Syahrini wedding and Reino at Camii Mosque, Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday (02/27/2019).

"I am just finished with the mosque now. Amen, there is the official marriage contract," said the unspoilt well, Kompas.com, on Wednesday morning.

Since he had betrayed a sacred marriage contract and had been approved by the witnesses, then Reino Barack had formally been appointed to Syahrini.

Reino Barack previously worked with the artist Luna Maya for 5 years.

However, their relationship needs to take place at the center of the road and they are unable to marry.

When it was tested, Reino revealed the reason he broke up with Luna Maya that there was no blessing from Reino's mother as there was an error that Luna thought the Reino mother was inappropriate.

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