So Decacorn, 1.5 times more active users Gojek

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gojek, the request to share the Indonesian tour, has not been nominated solely by experimental status based on the CB Insights report, but also by more active competitors of the competitors.

Based on a global platform analysis that analyzes the use of mobile devices around the world, the number of weekly users Gojek is 1.5 times higher than competitors.

"The maximum market level for Gojek among e-mail service providers seen from the weekly weekly user request (Weekly Active Users), is based on data from an international platform which will be t exploring the use of mobile devices worldwide, "said Nila Marita, Key Corporate Issues Gojek, Tuesday (9/4/2019).

This number of weekly users is an indication of how successful an internet-based product or service is like a mobile application. With more active user numbers, that means users are using more on Gojek services.

Nila pointed out that the success of Gojek's high-quality services had been reflected in stronger investment interest and confidence in the mission, the economic and social impact from time to time. "

GOJEK was named Decacorn status by an international research institute CB Insights in his latest research on The Global Unicorn Club. Starters of a value of US $ 10 billion are awarded a gold award. This report contained only a status of 19 beginners of the world.

In 2018, GOJEK came to the same high level of demand and pay service in south-east Asia with assessments at Rp 130 trillion and the total number of businesses reaching 2 billion. At the moment, GOJEK is not only working in Indonesia, but also in 4 other Asians.

Watch a Decacorn Continent of the Passion Asia video

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